Quality in every sense

Quality is our uppermost objective and remains the focus of our daily actions. Ensuring a permanently high quality of our products is one of the foundations of our employment guidelines.

Quality means for us, that the high standard our customers expect is always secure and continuously improving. This requires a conscious commitment and active cooperation in every area of operation. Our motivated and qualified employees are leading the way with that.

Certified quality and energy management, modern milling technology, as well as outstanding customer service are further indispensable pillars of quality preservation.

Quality management – at every stage of the production process

With Frießinger Mühle quality assurance begins immediately with the possibility of a new product introduction. New ideas are constantly growing with consistent innovation management and close cooperation with our customers.

Quality doesn’t only come from a good idea – a crucial factor is the implemented materials. Longstanding and trusted supplier relationships, local grains, meticulous material selection, as well as continuous controlling, are the building blocks of the high quality of our products.

Materials – entrance control

Trust is good – and this begins of course with the incoming of goods. Every supplier has samples taken for extensive testing. Only after the incoming materials are, according to specifications, sensory and chemically-physically approved, are they allowed to enter the production process.

Production, packaging and approval for sales

Even throughout the grinding and packaging processes, the products under go significant levels of quality control. Products are only released if they meet legal and safety requirements in respect to set quality parameters. In order to confirm this, our products are regularly analyzed on a variety of different parameters by independent laboratories. 

Identification and traceability

Due to unique identification of each product, the time of which a product is produced and shipped to which customer can be precisely identified. As a result full traceability is ensured from raw materials all the way through to the customer – that of which is another essential pillar that ensures our quality.