a package Küchenmeister whole grain green spelt groats

Küchenmeister wholegrain green spelt

Whole grain green spelt groats are referred to as half ripe and are therefore harvested when green and dried. The use of green spelt is now enjoying an ever increasing popularity. Due to its wholesomeness and high vitamin content, that of which is much higher than conventional types of flour, green spelt products are a valuable contribution to your health. With Küchenmeister green spelt groats traditional green spelt soups can be cooked, as well as a variety of delicious dishes like green spelt patties or green spelt dumplings. Whole grain green spelt groats are ideal as a meat replacement in vegetarian cuisine.

100 g whole grain green spelt groats contains

calorific value1447 kJ (342 kcal) fat2,7 g
protein12 g saturated fat0,4 g
carbohydrates63 g dietary fiber9,0 g
of which sugars0,7 g salt< 0,01 g
Ingredients whole grain green spelt groats

The values are subject to normal variations in natural products.

contains:   Icon gluten

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