Our products for C+C & GV-wholesale

For C+C & GV-wholesale at home and abroad we offer a comprehensive variety of nutrients and foodstuffs in a wide range of packaging.

Private home brands are issued with a minimum amount previously set by you.


from small packaging up to 25 kg sack:

buckwheat flour
chapatti atta wheat flour
spelt flour type 630 ; T812 ; T1050 ; whole grain spelt flour
gluten free flour mix
green spelt flour
oat flour
chestnut flour
corn flour
rice flour
rye flour type 997, T1150, T1370 ; whole grain rye flour
spätzle flour type 405
wheat flour type 405 ; T550 ; T812 ; T1050 ; whole wheat flour

pizza production

pizza flour Type 405 / Tipo 00 with 14% protein content "La Farina" 10kg, 25kg
pizza flour type 405 / Tipo 00 1kg, 10kg, 25kg
NEW: pizza flour Tradizione Tipo 1/ dark special flour 15kg
pizza mix 15kg
instant dry yeast for pizza 500g
FINEZZA Semola Rimacinata 5 kg

Link to basic recipe for pizza flour Tipo 00 "La Farina 14"

of Pizza-Schule.de

semolina/coarse grained flour

bulgur 1kg, 5kg
couscous 1kg, 5kg
light spelt semolina / whole grain spelt semolina 5kg
durum wheat semolina SSSE fine 10kg, 25kg
durum wheat semolina SSSE medium coarse 2,5kg, 10kg, 25kg
durum wheat semolina SSSE coarse 10kg, 25kg
polenta 1kg, 2,5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg
rice semolina 2,5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg
semola rimacinata (fine semolina double ground) 1kg, 25kg, 5kg
soft wheat semolina 5kg, 10kg
soft wheat coursely ground flour fine / coarse 1kg, 10kg, 25kg
spelt dust middlings fine 25kg


cornflakes 500g FS, 5kg
berry muesli 2,5kg
bircher muesli 2,5kg
fruit muesli 1kg, 2,5kg
chocolate muesli 2,5kg
whole grain muesli 2,5kg



spelt flakes 25kg
barley flakes 25kg
rolled oats small 500g, 25kg
rolled oats large 500g, 25kg
potato flakes 25kg
rye flakes 25kg
wheat flakes 25kg

grains / seeds

from small packaging up to 25 kg Sack:

NEW: amaranth 1kg, 25kg
chia seeds, black 1kg
pearl barley
green spelt
5-grain mixture
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds
quinoa 1kg, 25kg


cashew 1kg
ground hazelnuts 1kg
sliced almonds 1kg
pine nuts 1kg
pistachios 1kg
walnuts 1/2 fruit 1,8kg Dose
walnut kernel 1kg
only as additional cargo with flour


available in packages of 5kg, 10kg, 25kg:

golden seasoned
red seasoned


from small packaging up to 25 kg Sack:

iodized salt
sea salt, coarse
sea salt, fine
iodized nitrite pickling salt
salt tablets
table salt
table salt coarse (brezel salt)


from small packaging up to 25 kg Sack:

buckwheat groats
spelt grain fine
green spelt grains
oat groats
flaxseed groats
whole rye grains fine/medium/coarse
whole wheat grains



from small packaging up to 25 kg Sack:

potato flour (potato starch)
potato powder (baker starch)
corn flour (corn kernel powder)
light roux in bucket
dark roux in bucket
corn starch
wheat starch

dried fruits

Auswahl Trockenfrüchte Apfelchips und Rosinen


dried apple rings 1kg
apricots sulphurated 1kg
dried fruit mixed 2kg
prunes 1kg
banana chips  
shredded coconut 1kg
raisins 1kg
only as additional cargo with flour


from small packaging up to 25 kg Sack:

sugar fine EU II
brown cane sugar
white cane sugar