Maximum flexibility is our strength

Only flexible companies are capable of acting. Thus, we do not only attach importance to flexible working models or flexible communication, but also to our process management. Well thought-out production planning, but also the possibility of just-in-time production and large storage areas allow us to react flexibly to customer requirements. Furthermore, we support you in the development of product optimizations or product novelties.

Discover our versatile assortment as well as our packaging variations for all areas of the food industry - in conventional as well as in fair trade and organic quality!

Our packaging sizes

Every product requires optimal packaging. Every customer wants the optimal packaging for their individual use and logistical requirements. We offer or design the perfect solution for every customer. Whether under our Küchenmeister brand or in your own individual design (private label). Ask us!

Paper bag

Classic products in paper bags are our flours and bread baking mixes in small containers (500 g to 5 kg).

Paper bag (sewn)

In the neutral white sewn paper bag with label are packed e.g. grains, seeds and groats from 1 kg to 25 kg.

Foil-/tubular bags

In the transparent bag with label are filled grains and seeds in 1 kg, but also cane sugar in printed 500 g / 1 kg foil bag and other products.

Folding boxes

Products in folding boxes include semolina and sauce binders (without inner bag) and starch and bran (with inner bag)
(400 g / 500 g).

Baking-/aluminum trays

In a modern look in a vertical format: our baking bowls for bread baking mixes (300 g / 350 g).


Classics of our products in 10 kg buckets are various salts and roux light and dark (Roux).

Bagged goods

All our flours and semolina in bulk are filled in 10 kg to 25 kg valve paper bags.

Big Bags

Classic products delivered in big bags are flour, semolina, haze, and flour blends.


Products such as flour, semolina, haze, and flour blends are delivered in the silo train.

Unsere Marken für Gewerbekunden


Mühlen König


Schwaben Mühle

Frießinger Pizzamehl

Rahmer Pizzamehl

C&C / GM wholesale

We support C&C and GM wholesalers at home and abroad as a full-range supplier: 

  • Standard and special flours
  • Products for pizza production
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Starches and other convenience products
  • Haze, semolina, meal and bran
  • Grains and seeds
  • Cereals and flakes
  • Nuts and dried fruits
  • Sugar and salt.

Whether in small packs or as bagged goods, branded or private label - we offer you the individual solution.  By labeling the products and pallets in the EAN128 standard, we ensure the necessary traceability and transparency - ultimately back to the raw material used.

Your sales contact:
Dieter Haberbosch
+49 7063 / 9797-12


For our customers from the industrial sector, we also offer - in addition to our standard range - special flours and individual products. For example, flours made from elite wheat or flours with individual protein and gluten values, in dried, (un)treated, conventional or organic quality play an important role in producing customized end products. For us, the following also applies here: can't be done, doesn't exist! Contact us, we will work out your desired product together with you and support you with our know-how from all areas.

Your sales contact:
David Haberzettl
+49 7063 / 9797-188


For the pasta and pasta industry, in addition to the classic DURUM durum wheat semolina SSSE in fine, medium and coarse grinding, we also offer durum wheat semolina in organic quality (EU and Naturland standard) and durum wheat semolina under the quality mark Baden-Württemberg (QZBW). Further complete our assortment:

  • Soft wheat, spelt and special grits
  • products for gnocchi production
  • gluten-free special products
  • powders and flavors.

Whether in small packages, bagged goods or loose in silo trains - we supply you flexibly and reliably.

Your sales contact:
Stefan Eggensperger
+49 7063 / 9797-10

Bakery trade

What would a baker be without flour or a miller without a baker? These two crafts are closely linked and live a deep tradition. We, too, have been supplying our artisan bakeries with our milling products for decades in a spirit of great solidarity and loyalty.

We offer not only classic flours or wholemeal flours from various wheat qualities, spelt or rye, but also special flours such as emmer, rice or buckwheat flours in conventional or organic quality. We also deliver other bakery products such as grains and seeds, flakes, groats, semolina and groats, salt and other bakery ingredients in small packages, bags or loose - directly, uncomplicatedly and quickly in our own Frießinger vehicle.

Your sales contact:
Sabrina Doebelin
+49 7063 / 9797-29

Individual advice

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your request! Our sales team will be happy to advise you. And if your request is more specific, we will consult as a team with product development, packaging designers, production or logistics managers, quality assurance or marketing. We take care of your request - quickly and straightforwardly with the best expertise. Can't be done, doesn't exist!

We are happy to advise you.

+49 7063 / 9797-0