Haze and semolina

Mill products such as haze and semolina from durum and soft wheat, spelt or corn can be found here. You are looking for a durum wheat semolina for classic semolina dumplings, a spelt semolina made from local spelt, a double-handled instant flour for binding creams or the "Semola Rimacinata" for the perfect pizza or pasta - you are sure to find it here!

Convenience products

"Convenient" stands for practical, convenient and comfortable. This is absolutely how the products in this range are to be understood. It is very easy to conjure up great dishes with these products, such as a delicious spelt cous salad. With our Küchenmeister sauce binders, perfect sauces can be prepared easily and without complicated mixing.


Our Küchenmeister starches are controlled gluten-free and have a clear, white color. When heated, they have a neutral taste, are clear and have a high viscosity. Our Küchenmeister starches are mainly used for baking, refining and binding.

Cereals / Germs / Bran / Groats

High fiber content, true vitamin bombs - our chef grist, bran, sprouts and groats bring exactly this, because still the valuable edge layers of the grains are included. But not only that, these products can be used to prepare great dishes, cakes and snacks, to refine mueslis and even as a meat substitute for a vegetarian or vegan diet.


In addition to ground products, we complement our nutritional assortment with Küchenmeister dextrose (without vitamins) and brown cane sugar in foil sachets.

More products

Are you looking for other products, such as (organic) flours or bread baking mixes? Then feel free to browse further here and learn more about our assortment!

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