Wheat flours

Our wheat flours are made from the best wheat from our farmers. Depending on the quality of the wheat, different types of wheat flours are produced. They differ, for example, in their gluten and mineral content, which is why each wheat flour is perfectly suited to the particular application. The doughs made from wheat flours are elastic and dry, which is why they can be used to conjure up particularly beautiful, stable pastries and also shapely, firm-to-the-bite pasta.

Spelt flours

Our spelt flours of the brand Küchenmeister are carefully produced from the spelt of regional farmers. The spelt flours can be used in baking quite similar to wheat flours, because the spelt also has a good gluten content. With the spelt flours succeed airy pastries with hearty-nutty flavor. Do you prefer spelt to wheat? In most recipes, spelt flour can easily be used as a wheat flour substitute.

Rye flours

Our Küchenmeister rye flours are made from selected rye varieties. All our rye flours have a characteristic taste and a darker color than our Küchenmeister wheat or spelt flours. Since rye flours contain almost no gluten, they are best used in combination with wheat and spelt flours to make delicious breads. Rye flour gives the baked goods a hearty, special note.

Special Flours

Our Küchenmeister special flours are flours for special use. This creates tailor-made products through the use and unique composition of specific cereals.

Organic Flours

Our organic flours are produced according to the specifications of the basic organic regulation - naturally with consistent separation between conventional and organic quality: from purchasing to storage and milling to transport. Complete traceability and residue analysis ensure maximum transparency in the production process. In addition, independent inspection bodies regularly inspect us and confirm that we meet the strict guidelines of the regulation.

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