Bread baking mixes in paper bag

Choose your favorite from our selection of 14 different varieties. Our Küchenmeister bread baking mixes are simple to prepare in the breadmaker or traditionally in the oven. You can also use a silicone mold for a crispy and juicy loaf.

Find our Küchenmeister baking mix assortment in 1 kg or 500 g paper bags at well-stocked retail stores.

The baking dish

Love simplicity and speed? Our Küchenmeister baking bowls are your answer for effortless bread baking. Just add water, stir, let it rise, and pop it into the oven. No need for a bread machine, baking pan, or cleanup of bowls and dough hooks. All you need is a spoon to stir. It's convenience at its finest – making bread baking a breeze even for inexperienced bakers.

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Are you looking for other products, such as (organic) flours, semolina, starches or grains? Then feel free to browse further here and learn more about our assortment!

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