Wheat bran

Wheat bran

Küchenmeister wheat bran is a high-quality supplier of dietary fiber and important minerals for daily nutrition. Küchenmeister wheat bran is also suitable for cooking and baking: e.g. add 3 tablespoons of wheat bran to 500 g of Küchenmeister farmer's bread baking mix and increase the amount of water by 50 ml. This way you enrich your bread with valuable fiber every day.

100 g Küchenmeister wheat bran contain: The values are subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products.
Calories1195 kJ (286 kcal)
Protein15 g
Carbohydrates30 gof which sugar3,2 g
Fat4,7 ghereof saturated fatty acids0,7 g
Fiber32 g
Salt0,07 g


Wheat bran


Contains: Gluten

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