Spelt cous

Spelt cous

The meticulous selection of regional spelt, specialized milling procedures, and ongoing quality assessments guarantee a consistently high product standard. Our Küchenmeister spelt couscous is milled, pre-cooked, and dried solely from carefully chosen spelt varieties sourced from the region. This spelt couscous is versatile and quick to prepare. Whether seasoned savory with salt, pepper, and olive oil, or enjoyed as a sweet variation with fresh berries, it always serves as a delightful alternative to traditional couscous.

100 g Küchenmeister spelt cous contain:The values are subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products.
Calories1562 kJ (368 kcal)
Protein13 g
Carbohydrates74 gof which sugar3,4 g
Fat1,8 ghereof saturated fatty acids0,3 g
Fiber3,3 g
Salt< 0,01 g


Spelt cous


Contains: Gluten (gluten)

May contain: Soy/Soy protein

Spelt cous with berries and maple syrup

This is how domestic spelt tastes as a dessert or even for breakfast! Soak spelt couscous in apple juice and refine with berries - a fruity alternative to conventional preparation.

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