Spelt flour type 630

Spelt flour type 630

Our Küchenmeister spelt flour type 630 is made from high-quality spelt varieties. The pleasant taste and good tolerance make the spelt flour an enrichment of the daily diet. You can use Küchenmeister spelt flour type 630 like wheat flour type 405. It is ideal for the production of yeast pastries, cakes and pasta.

100 g Küchenmeister spelt flour type 630 contain: These values are subject to the usual fluctuations of natural products.
Calories1470 kJ (347 kcal)
Protein13 g
Carbohydrates69 gof which sugar0,4 g
Fat1,2 ghereof saturated fatty acids0,1 g
Fiber4,0 g
Salt< 0,01 g


Spelt flour type 630


Contains: Gluten

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