Spelt flour type 630

Spelt flour type 630

Our Küchenmeister spelt flour type 630 is crafted from premium-quality spelt varieties. With its pleasant taste and excellent tolerance, this spelt flour enhances the daily diet. You can use Küchenmeister spelt flour type 630 as a direct substitute for wheat flour type 405. It is perfect for producing yeast pastries, cakes, and pasta, offering versatility and flavor in your culinary creations.

100 g Küchenmeister spelt flour type 630 contain: These values are subject to the usual fluctuations of natural products.
Calories1470 kJ (347 kcal)
Protein13 g
Carbohydrates69 gof which sugar0,4 g
Fat1,2 ghereof saturated fatty acids0,1 g
Fiber4,0 g
Salt< 0,01 g


Spelt flour type 630


Contains: Gluten

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